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Nedicry – Sincere Wounds

Nedicry - Sincere Wounds

CD-R, Cold Graey, 2008

It would be easy to be dismissive of Nedicry. I am a huge dark ambient fan and while there never really has been such a thing as bad dark ambient, there is the type that is pointless or boring. “Sincere Wounds” then, when it started up, had me wondering for a second whether this would fall into these latter two descriptions as whilst being competent it wasn’t that engaging for the first track even if lightly pleasant.
The ball game changes though come track two, the rather lengthy and specially titled “Hopelessly to Escape From Current of Circumstances” (nice). I am a sucker for piano and this number opened with a rather competently played piece that evolves with airy violin and synth sounds to produce a sombre, meaningful evolution, getting a straight thumbs up from me.
Things do drift off again by track three. Yes the ingredients are there, cold synth structures and the like, but it’s not quite enough to engage the listener, whilst making suitable background interest it’s just simply not enough to turn heads.
Back to my theory on dark ambient again, Nedicry are not a ‘bad’ act, but they are instantly forgettable. There simply is far too much in this genre that is fantastic and exciting to warrant me putting “Sincere Wounds” on in place of – which is a pity when you take into account the rather enjoyable second track. Maybe they should take note of that number and follow the path, which could surely bring about great things.


— Tony Young

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