Program 20070611-0617

Part 1
(“Every day should be Industrial Day” with music selection by Cold Colors)
Pig – My Sanctuary
[Praise the Lard – Concrete Productions]
Coil – Titan Arch
[Loves Secret Domain – Torso]
Numb – Blood
[Wasted Sky – Kk Records]
Download – Suni C
[The Eyes of Stanley Pain – Off Beat, Sub-Conscious Communications]
Individual Totem – Paradoxon
[Mind Sculptures Flesh – Pendragon Records]
Mentallo & the Fixer – Decomposed (Trampled)
[Where Angels Fear to Tread – Metropolis]
Kalte Farben – Drywet
[Opium – Off Beat Records]
Sister Machine Gun – Nothing
[The Torture Technique – Wax Trax! Records, TVT Records]
Nitzer Ebb – Ascend
[Ebbhead – Geffen]
Steril – Egoist
[Egoism – Off Beat Records]
Cop Shoot Cop – Interference
[Release – Interscope Records]

Part 2
(“1/2h Zen but this isn’t It” with music selection by M.)
Signalform + Tachikoma – Process
[Understanding Media – Lovethechaos]
Photophob – Old School Daemon Comes At Night
[Circadian Rhythms – Laridae]
Sci Fi Industries – Saturn’s Sons
[Drafts And Crafts – Thisco]
Cenotype – The Mind Wanders
[Origins – Hive Records]
Metropol – chd3u
[V/A – Chaos.Lovers – Lovethechaos]
It-Clings vs. Pneumatic Detach – Public Space
[The All Too Logical Descent Into Madness – Bugs Crawling Out Of People / Pandemic]
Necromondo – Standard Post-Mortem Re-Animation Procedure
[Necromondo – Mechanoise Labs]
Synapscape – Got Up V.2
[V/A – Tonwellen-Festival 2006 – Atacama Records]
[Adrenaline – Rustblade]
Edgey – The Beast Within
[Flawed – Hands Productions]
Mnemonic РZeit Zesțrt
[Monokultur – M-tronic]

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