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Ova Looven – Gravity Has Expired

Ova Looven - Gravity Has Expired

12″ LP, Artikal Records, 2007

Combining the post punk and shoegaze of New York with a dreamier, electro-ambient toolkit, Ova Looven’s new 12″ single yields easy listening and sweetness but is by no means without depth. Gentle fretwork floats with breathy vocals on milky synths, from press “play” – with “Fields of Lucid Trees,” melting into glassy keys set to glitchy percussion. There are a few new jazz moments in this, the longest playing track that might disappoint some, but delight others – whatever your bent, it’s crafted and layered.
“The Killer Six” is more grounded, with ringing guitars and harder drums to get the blood flowing, and the verses and harmonies that ride on it make an indie soundtrack of the disc. There’s certainly a personal, filmic charm to the record that open listeners up to its contemporary sound. “The Last Song” develops the vocal aspect more, processing voices and bringing them forward and balancing the rock and electronic values smoothly. There are hooks here aplenty, but they’re conveyed subtly. If guitar-pop sound-scapes pull your heartstrings, this is a record for you – it seems a bit restrained and repetitive on listening again, but it’s not without character or polish.


— James Ryan

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