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Proyecto Mirage – Slaves of Capital

Proyecto Mirage - Slaves of Capital

CD, Ant-Zen, 2011

The Spanish industrialites Proyecto Mirage are back with a new album and a slightly new direction.  “Slaves of Capital” showcases a little less harsh noise than previous releases and presents more of an electro sound, especially on the second half of the disc. It comes across as almost electro-clash in some spots, but never to the point where the album dissolves into cheesiness.
Never fear, though, there still are a number of tracks with plenty of noise and distorted rhythms that this band is known for to keep previous fans of their music happy, like “Espacio en Blanco” and “Extinction to Evolve”. There is a dizzying pace or sensation at times throughout the album which has also been present on previous releases. There are a few songs that give the impression of air raid sirens going off. These tracks put the listeners on edge, as if it’s a state of emergency, and everyone better pay attention to this entire album. Further, the band still brings in strong female vocals that are delivered in a chant-like technique, as is their norm.
That being said, “Slaves of Capital” is a little more playful and lively than previous releases. “The Blade of God” makes the listener feel like riding on a roller coaster with its up and down tempos and winding sensation. “Flaxtrack” and “Mind Gear” are straight-up electro songs with very little harshness at all. These all display a new and different sound for Proyecto Mirage, and it works quite well. “Nicht” shows listeners that the band can create a very typical industrial/EBM song that can compete with the best in the genre.
Overall this is a quality release from a band that’s not afraid to incorporate different styles into their typical musical offerings. Hopefully other artists in the rhythmic noise genre can learn something from this release and not be afraid to add some new ingredients into their musical recipes.


— Kevin Congdon

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