Videos: Playing with Trippy Tentacles

Another video playlist. Titled this with a play on words with this weeks videos

Eskmo “We Got More (Kilon TeK Remix)”
Ninja Tune are known for their technologically advanced electronic music, but this is really quite beyond anything else they’ve released recently. The video is insanely trippy, and the music somehow just adds to it. A weird and wonderful ride.
(originally directed by Cyriak Harris).

Plaid “35 Summers”
Warp are getting increasingly more involved in film making projects, so their videos from their music artists side of the label are getting ever more creative. This is taken off Plaid’s new album ‘Scintilli’ which is due out in September, and is utterly stunning. Switching from a woman swimming, to a tentacle moving in a similar way. Perhaps a mother nature theme going on here?
(directed by Richie Burridge)

Chrysalide “Joue Avec Moi”
Finishing with a favourite, but from a live setting, which breathes new life in to the track; Chrysalide continue to create raw, vibrant and powerful industrial noise that very few seem capable of. And for those with worse French skills than myself, ‘Joue Avec Moi’ means ‘Play With Me’ in English, and thus the title of this playlist.
(directed by Maxime Brachet & Arnaud Loffredo)

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