Tag: 2010

Tholen – Neuropol

If you want to feel like you live in a collapsing cyberpunk dystopian world where pollution and human failure have caused the denizens to retreat to the murky underground, then leave this playing at all hours. It’s intricate and detailed enough for somewhat active listening, but un-intrusive enough to leave on while you do other life activities.

Free releases

1/6 “Pornstar” (Laridae) Abadroza “No Effects” (Àsino Elettronico) the brainhole “disco und” (NOECHO Records) B.R.O. “Analog People In A Digital World” (NOECHO Records) the_maaaigs “Scrilent” (NOECHO Records) Photophob “Urban Dialects” [ … ]

Iszoloscope – The Edge of Certainty

Leaping wildly from hypnotic atmospheres that resonate uncomfortably inside the psyche to pulverising onslaughts of merciless percussion, punctuated with some unexpectedly soft melodic constructs, all narrated by the archetype of evil genius vocal sampling – the kind that’s telling you to relax, this won’t hurt a bit, while all your instincts are screaming at you to run like hell…

Matt Davignon – Living Things

“Living Things” succeeds especially in its intimacy, permitting listeners to scrutinize its multifaceted underbelly of staccato crackling and gurgling wetness. They will find themselves rapt with attention, trying to discern in all that murky, bubbling saturation where exactly the drum machine dwells. Like a patient and secretive swamp creature, it doesn’t want to be found, and that is precisely the beauty of this release.

Igorrr – Baroquecore EP

Here at Connexion Bizarre we have had nothing but admiration for Serre Gautier ever since we received a copy of “Poisson Soluble”, his first release as Igorrr. Since then, he hasn’t ceased to come up with surprising material, even considering one already expects from him the most insane, genre-defying mash-up music. “Baroquecore EP” is no exception.