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Voice of Eye – Seven Directions Divergent

Voice of Eye - Seven Directions Divergent

CD, Conundrum Unlimited, 2010

“Seven Directions Divergent” is the most poppy release I’ve ever heard from Voice of Eye. Earlier this year I reviewed the 3″ “Primaera” on Taalem Records. The words ritualistic and even shamanistic were written. If someone told me at that moment that the next release would be way more poppy, and even contain song structures and a strong female vocal presence… No, I wouldn’t have believed it.
On seven tracks Jim Wilson and Bonnie McNairn lay down music that is heavily influenced by the beauty of nature. All instruments are organic, so no synths, either digital or analog. Obviously the recording was done in a studio through means of multi-tracking, and in this process effect-units were also used. So when you hear the cacophony of flutes in ‘Golden Space Funk Transmission’, that can be confirmed.
The use of vibrato/wah makes the track “Remember” almost sound like Pink Floyd – or even more like Syd Barrett after he left Floyd. Mesmerizing, spacey, trippy.
In the hour in which Voice of Eye points out the “Seven Directions Divergent”, 25 minutes are taken by ritualistic ambience. “Fish Radio” and “Transformational Birth” are experiments with sound and emotion, and it is here where the terms ritualistic and shamanistic return to these writings. Nice, dark rumblings and very, very dynamic – especially the eighteen-minute birth track.
Yes, this one surprised me a lot. Parts remind me of some O Yuki Conjugate (the opening track from “Equator”) and other parts of the atmospheres set in the legendary “Twilight Earth – International Soirée” samplers. But as Voice of Eye already made their presence on those samplers, and the O Yuki’s, too – well – that’s no surprise, is it?


— Bauke van der Wal

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