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V/A – Countdown To Th’ Apocolips: CCC-10

V/A - Countdown To Th' Apocolips: CCC-10

CD, Crawling Chaos, 2005

Let’s start with a little disclaimer: the following review has been a real exercise in editing and lenience, and should be treated as such…
Limited prints are usually a good thing, adding a certain value to albums as collector’s items. In the case of “Countdown…”, the fact that only 66 copies have been made mostly serves as comfort to an owner of the album. Comfort that at worst, only 65 more people can make the mistake of obtaining it.
Consisting of 6 tracks that span to a total listening time of an hour and six minutes, “Countdown…” can be best (see disclaimer) described as a collage of noise, a few samples and even less percussion that could work wonderfully if: a) you want to scare the neighborhood away, b) you want to have the neighbors call the police, c) you are high, d) you are deaf, and e) any combination of the above.
Without any apparent coherence or structure, the content of the disc fails to serve as actual listening material, to the point where one wonders why someone would bother to make 66 copies of it in the first place, let alone paint and number them. Speaking of which, the whole handmade look of the release might get the disc so far as looking “underground”, but seriously, intentionally using bad spelling at the title would break any pretentiousness meter, if there was one.
So, to sum up, “Countdown…” gets a 1/10, solely because one can probably enjoy the fumes from the paint if he burns his copy of the CD.


— George Mouratidis

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