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Tyske Ludder – SCIENTific technOLOGY

Tyske Ludder - SCIENTific technOLOGY

CD EP, Black Rain, 2008

With a name as destined for controversy as this, the listener automatically expects some massive statement in musical form – whether pro- or anti-Xenu. You just know it’s going to make people take notice. And so they should.
The Ludder, as a loyal fan base affectionately dub them, are one of a handful of contemporary artists within the EBM scene that typify Teutonic, bombastic arrogance (as originally exemplified by Ludwig von Beethoven) with throbbing, catchy dance music – And One, Feindflug and Welle:Erdball number among those that spring to mind when the term “German Electro” is mentioned. Furthermore, their old school sensibility grounds their music and strips away the unnecessary complexities that plague much of today’s darker dance music, resulting in a more cohesive unity of sound.
With the religion-cum-terrorist cult that is the result of a science fiction writer’s flirtation with Crowleyan ritual magick being a hot news topic, thanks in no small part to its popularity amongst Hollywood A-listers, “SCIENTific technOLOGY” is right on the pulse of what makes people tick – especially when aimed at people whose alternative lifestyle choices make them more open to debate regarding matters theosophical. This subject matter, coupled with tight beats and aggressive, confrontational vocals, collide on an EP that is destined for dance floor greatness.
Remixes from, among others, Wertstahl, E-Craft and Brain Leisure make for some interesting interpretations of Tyske Ludder’s original material; Feindflug’s edit of “Kinkat,” in particular, makes you want to throw off your Terran shackles and dance your Earthly trauma and ethical transgressions away in a fit of dervish-like “thetanism.” All, of course, with tongue firmly embedded in cheek…


— David vander Merwe

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