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Totakeke – eLekatota: The Other Side Of The Tracks

Totakeke - eLekatota: The Other Side Of The Tracks

CD, Tympanik Audio, 2007

Frank Mokros is perhaps better known in Rhythmic Noise and Industrial music circles for his releases as Synth-Etik. Perhaps less-known is his Totakeke persona, under whose name an EP and a full-length were released years ago on the now seemingly defunct Frozen Empire Media record label, both of which received rather positive critical attention.
“eLekatota” is an excellent and very interesting show of talent and accomplished musicianship, expertly incorporating elements from a wide spectrum of electronic music genres from rather obvious IDM up to more dance-oriented music. Upon listening to it, one is certainly bound to appreciate the seamless aural journey that Frank Mokros constructed, a journey full of rich detail and subtle nuances which reveal themselves progressively with each listening session. Despite an intentional chaotic beginning with the first couple of tracks, “eLekatota” quickly progresses to more accessible and pleasant soundscapes where complex rhythms, melodic arrangements and minute sampling are skilfully layered coalesce into a string of constantly evolving cinematic compositions. There is a sense that nothing here was left to chance and that despite the electronic nature of the music, cold and seemingly chaotic at times – as befits what is frequently referred as Intelligent Dance Music – Totakeke’s compositions feel rather human and have a definite warmth to them, a warmth and constancy that is in stark contrast with the seeming random rhythmic patterns of some compositions. While individual tracks are memorable on their own – some standing out depending on the listener’s inclinations – this album is best appreciated as a whole entity, with uninterrupted attention from beginning to end. Interestingly, “eLekatota” also appears to come full circle on itself.
Extremely cinematic, “eLekatota” is one of those albums that demands (and deserves) the listener’s undivided time and attention to be fully appreciated. It is certainly an excellent listening choice for those occasions in which one finds time to not do anything else but sit down, relax, appreciate a very good record (and perhaps a good wine too) and forget about life’s worries.


— Miguel de Sousa

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