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The Prayer Tree – The Prayer Tree

The Prayer Tree - The Prayer Tree

CD, Hymen Records, 2010

The Prayer Tree delivers a pleasant dose of well written downtempo electronica full of melancholy organs and smooth well written vocals. The project is a collaboration between Jerôme Chassagnard of Ab Ovo and Guillaume Eluerd of NIMP and serves up a more widely accessible sound than their solo works.
The content can be compared in some respects to Tweaker, Tricky or Massive Attack focusing far more on the song writing then complexity of percussion, etc. Highlights would include soft sullen “Tokyo”, the light synth atmospheres of “New Yourk”, and the slow build of “The Golden Hour”. A personal favorite on the album is the simple “Silent Stones” that lures the listener with light ambiance and synths, slowly building intensity with a layered chorus line and slow build of pads; this is a song which proves that it is not what you have but how you use it that – minimalist in many respects but brilliantly executed. Unlike most vocal based acts, The Prayer Tree manage to make every song independent of the rest while maintaining flow and avoiding redundancy. The album is a pleasant drive on a Sunday afternoon with the windows down, it displays the versatility of both parties involved and also leaves the listener wanting to hear more.
After listening and relistening to this project, I have to say that I am enjoying it more each time. This will make a great purchase for anyone who enjoys intelligent lyrics, lush vocals, and melodic precision. I sincerely look forward to more from this incredible collaboration.


— James Church

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