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Tarmvred – Viva 6581

Tarmvred - Viva 6581

EP, Ad Noiseam, 2003

“Viva 6581” is the second release of the Swedish Noise/Industrial project Tarmvred on the Ad Noiseam label after their debut album “Subfusc” which caused quite a stir in the Noise/Industrial music scene. “Viva 6581” was referred to as a tribute of sorts to the 6581 Chip, which is the core of the Commodore 64 sound and of the legendary SID Station synth.
Basically, in “Viva 6581”, Tarmvred retain the characteristic sound which was presented in their debut album, “Subfusc”, but with the addition of sound layers seemingly created with a Commodore 64 (or something else with a 6581 Chip on it). These sound layers, quite reminiscent of C64 game bleepy melodies and italo-disco, provide an interesting contrast to Tarmvred’s fast and aggressive rhythmic structures so much in fact that the music becomes almost ‘happy’ and, all of a sudden, the expression ‘music for happy robots’ starts to make some sense.
Comparison of “Subfusc” and “Viva 6581” might bring some complaints that Tarmvred have lost their ‘edge’. However, if one is not completely deaf, it is quite noticeable that the Tarmvred that was known is still there, even if, with the 6581 sounds, their sound took an apparent 180º turn. One may wonder if the wolf has donned lamb’s clothing or if it has indeed become a playful creature… it’s up to the listened to decide.
However, good as this EP may be, there is a real danger that this kind of sound composition can become repetitive when presented in a full-length album, without some ‘contrast’ of some kind. Nevertheless, I am quite curious to hear what Tarmvred have in store for the upcoming full-length after this great teaser EP.


— Miguel de Sousa

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