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Prospero – Folie à deux

Prospero - Folie à deux

CD, Artoffact, 2008

I have always seen Prospero as the electronic scene’s version of Marmite; you either love it or hate it. I have always found him strangely satisfying whilst gritting my teeth at the same time. There has always been something about this project that grated on my nerves in the past, and in taking this on board I was waiting to see if I could sit through the entire release without the a sour taste in my mouth.
Slanting towards the tribal, with an injection of almost earthly cultures wrapped into a mini-ball of lunacy that eventually pans out into common sense once the electronics start to take over the asylum, I am glad to report that this has defied any preconceptions I may have had. Suitably separated into two halves, tracks one to four roll along as I have just stated, gradually reaching a crescendo through the four elements of air, earth, water and fire. The second half is aptly titled “The Madness,” and features covers and remixes that are as rewarding as they are downright bonkers.
Trying to pin down Prospero and slot him into a pigeonhole is pretty much downright impossible, and that’s the beauty with this CD; the journey takes in better scenery and the ride is more comfortable and reassuring than before.
Wade Anderson is certainly a character all right, he just goes with his own flow, and doesn’t bend to the rules – none more is evident than a fruity version of Malhavoc’s “Discipline,” which raised a smile, playing with downright cheese in the vein of 2-month old Stilton that’s been left out too long in the sun. Anderson of course has that knack of making it work though and rather than scoff at this I actually embraced it. More credit to him for challenging convention yet again; this time it works.


— Tony Young

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