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Prometheus Burning – nBoyde raRepi

Prometheus Burning - nBoyde raRepi

CD, Hive Records, 2007

“nBoyde raRepi”, the remix companion disc to Prometheus Burning’s recent release, “Beyond Repair” is, in a word, delightful. It’s beautifully constructed, dynamic and (probably most importantly – not to mention surprisingly) unique in its sound.
Running the gamut of dark electronics, “nBoyde raRepi” annihilates the borders between harder technical EBM (such as on “Some Things are Meant to Stay Significantly Altered”, remixed by Scrap.edx), high-tempo mechanical IDM (as heard on the Xanopticon remix of “Beyond Repair”) right through to full-frontal rhythmic noise assaults (provided in the form of remixes by industrial scene stalwarts like Iszoloscope and Proyecto Mirage, of “Significantly Altered” and “Squelch”, respectively). The Endif remix of “For Every action There is a Reaction”, too, offers more than enough harsh percussion to satisfy the most diehard rivethead.
Furthermore, the absolutely one-of-a-kind vocal treatments (somewhere between strangled screams and overheating machinery) blister the eardrums in a particularly tasteful fashion, while retaining a lyrical clarity that puts many contemporary endzeit-electro artists to shame. And it’s these thoughtful, intelligent lyrics that add yet another dimension to Prometheus Burning; one that the formulaic four-to-the-floor dancefloor hits saturating dancefloors can’t replicate, in much the same way that Frontline Assembly’s technical prowess places them far above the inadequate classification of “industrial”. As catchy as they may be, Combichrist or Reaper can’t offer something this thought-provoking, while still maintaining such a tight, danceable beat.
In fact, the only question this album raises with me is thus: is it Prometheus Burning that is so ridiculously good at churning out such impressive tunes, or are the contributing remixers just on top form? I have to believe it’s more of the former: while each artist brings some spice to the party, it’s the unrelenting core of Prometheus Burning’s unmistakable brand of vocal-driven industrial that makes “nBoyde raRepi” the massive success it is.


— David vander Merwe

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