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:papercutz – Ultravioleta rmx’s

:papercutz - Ultravioleta rmx's

CD, Apegenine, 2008

While I may not have heard of Papercutz before, there is going to be a concerted effort on my part to go on a hunt for more.
Containing one song and four mixes of the same track can be a dangerous game on the value for money stakes, but this is an excellent release all in all. “Ultravioleta” is a wonderfully cut-up trip of spangly synth lines and chords with broken beats, with a massive nod towards Apex Twin, Deep Forest, Peter Gabriel and a whole host more – all in one track. It’s uplifting, energising and refreshing.
It’s interesting to note that all the tracks here are remarkably different. Remixes by Neotropic, The Sight Below, Spandex and Signer range from wide open trance ambience to the downright bizarre with an almost Mediterranean feel, with oozing urgent vocal patterns that border on the disturbing and lunatic, with that edge that reminds me of something from my past but I really can’t put my finger on it at all.
The middle parts of the EP range from outright IDM to Electronica and whilst being more than competent do let the earlier sections down somewhat in the daring stakes. However, this is a more than credible introduction to this artist and an interesting one at that with a more than suitable and fitting ending to this release.


— Tony Yong

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