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Neurobash – Spoiled

Neurobash - Spoiled

download-only CDS, Electric Fantastic Sound, 2005

While in many ways Synthpop has peaked and melted away in the true “pop” sense in decades past, Northern Europe continues to subvert and entertain by providing a stream of unabashed electronic pop as though the oscillators at work were never given time to cool down.
The single and mixes from Neurobash are no exception, but ‘unabashed’ is the operative word here… This is serious fun, with well executed songs and decent production values though the overall offering is drenched in unselfconscious naiveté to say the least. If you’re expecting hard EBM antichrists from this label, look elsewhere.
The track itself is sound, though I found the penultimate mix – “Spoiled Sadako’s Fury mix” infinitely more interesting and full and gritty in terms of the sounds and effects at work and arranged in a way that could keep a dancefloor pulsing with abjectly filthy techno bass and lo-fi sampling. The final version, “Macht” was a little too much for these ears to handle.
Worth a casual listen not just for Synthpop joyousness, but divergences into strange sounds that offer promise for future releases. No grand accolade, but I’d like to hear more.


— James Ryan

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