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Nebulo – Artefact

Nebulo - Artefact

CD, Hymen, 2010

Nebulo’s third release saw the light of day in September 2010. Following “Kolia” (2006) and “Avutma” (2008), “Artefact” is a record full of experiments, with field recordings taken in Bordeaux, Paris and Berlin, all sorts of voices, samples from myriad sources, like stock exchange reports, shopping centres and similar noises and sounds from the Western world – both disturbing and beautiful civilization scenarios.
Thomas Pujols, the serious French artist (who also takes on the role of operator at the sound plant called Nebulo) is a proficient orchestrator of postmodern artificial symphonies full of asynchronous arrhythmia and experimental wandering trips, taking the listener’s hand and leading him into a new world full of desolate landscapes and entities of artificial intelligence.
As properly described in the press release, this album is full of intoxicating ambient soundscapes, intelligent polyrhythmic structures and clever microscopic snippets. In fact, in a civilization little worried about excessive waste production, Nebulo creates complex sounds based on remote sounds, once denied, as an abstract orientation. Perhaps it can be labeled IDM and electronica, but labels aren’t suitable for an album so full of experimentation as “Artefact”.
At each crossroads you can find the beauty meeting the beast, and pleasant whispers suddenly pierced by incredible roughness. The world enters a new era with so many artefacts within an artefact that itself deserves to be excavated with special care.


— Nelson B.

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