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Murder By Static – Psychotronic Model

Murder By Static - Psychotronic Model

CD, Deadsix Communications, 2005

Tagging along between his second and third full releases is Murder By Static’s “Psychotronic Motel” EP. Featuring 3 tracks and lasting just 16 minutes, the EP serves more as a teaser for Stepniewski’s latest, “Tidal Bits”.
Still, even within just 16 minutes, most of the elements that characterise the unique sound of Murder by Static are here: the balanced mixture of breaks and samples, combined in a most skilled manner, creating aural collages that merge from apparently random bouts of sounds into complex multilayered structures that burst into sheer energy, burning right through your speakers before slowly dissolving to give way for the next track.
While all three tracks adhere to the style and form mentioned above, they avoid getting repetitive, with each of them sporting its own unique sound.
The packaging follows in the style of “The Art Of Perplexity” while a great job is done with the mastering by Silverbirch Productions, allowing the disc to deliver its rhythmic jabs in full force.
All in all, “Psychotronic Motel” is yet another good release by Stepniewski, if not a tad too short-lived as our music fix.


— George Mouratidis

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