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Miss FD – Monsters in the Industry

Miss FD – Monsters in the Industry

CD, Quantum Release Records, 2010

When FrightDoll appeared on the scene in 2007, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, people took interest. A tour of Germany, with Noisex under her belt, and things were looking up for this solo artist. The songs were well written, interesting and showed a lot of promise.
Jump to 2009 and FrightDoll gets reinvented as Miss FD. “Monsters in the Industry” is the first album from this new persona. It’s a well-crafted, slightly over-produced release, with some interesting ideas and concepts added to some good songwriting. The only problem being, it’s a little too produced, a tad too formulaic, and very generic.
FrightDoll looked to be shaping up to become a good act but Miss FD took a step backwards and became futurepop by numbers. “Enter the Void”, which was the first video release form this album, is catchy and very danceable, but unfortunately it’s also a song your grandmother would enjoy. “Thunder in the Blood” shows some of what Miss FD can do, but again it is overshadowed by the generic feel to its sound.
Miss FD has great vocals and some excellent songwriting skills. However, I think “Monsters in the Industry” is more aimed at ‘making it’ in the scene and into mainstream music, which is a shame. Let’s hope the next album goes back down the road of her FrightDoll releases.


— M.J.Phillips.

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