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Massiv In Mensch – Clubber Lang

Massiv In Mensch - Clubber Lang

CD, Artoffact, 2006

With three highly successful albums already released, the popular German act Massiv In Mensch return with a new groundbreaking album and a new twist to their sound. For this fourth album the band had mentioned that they had something a little bit different in mind from their usual pounding in-you-face blend of Dark Rave and EBM. “Clubber Lang” not only lives up to these fresh expectations but it surpasses them.
With this release, the band have clearly opted for a much broader and accessible sound. As you can probably imagine, there are all the elements that you have come to expect from a Massiv In Mensch release, but the introduction of a new ‘pop’ direction makes itself apparent practically from the get-go.
The intro is a nice short mixture of samples from previous works and from what will eventually follow later on in the album. What follows next, though, is something you will more than likely not be prepared for, a cover of U2’s smash hit “Sunday Bloody Sunday”! This track in particular is a perfect introduction to Massiv In Mench’s new move into the realms of ‘pop’, and it eases the listener in without too much effort in the slightest.
The progression and sheer variety of their newer sound makes itself even more apparent as you skip through the tracks on “Clubber Lang”, with the band’s approach of new and old blending together in perfect harmony. Tracks like “Green”, “Einen Augenblick”, “Bitterfeld”, and “Menschdefekt” all have the potential to make a big impression on dance floors worldwide. Add to that the softer talents of new vocalist Anna-Maria Straatmann and the three fantastic cover versions included, “Around My Heart” (originally by Sandra), “Selig [Reloaded]” (originally by Helium Vola) and the previously mentioned “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, and you can’t help but feel that MiM have a sure-fire hit on their hands.
In short, this latest instalment from one of Germany’s most popular underground Dark Rave acts really should put them in the forefront of the alternative electronic scene. I sincerely feel (and hope) that with this release, it could certainly become a reality in the near future.


— Paul Marcham

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