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Jax Pre Face – Chapterwood

Jax Pre Face - Chapterwood

CD, Deadsix Communications, 2005

“Chapterwod” opens with some nice ambient, lending itself to early Future Sounds Of London, Orbital and similar, rising into some broken drum and percussion – on a very minimal level and nicely executed – continuing with a more melodious rising and falling ambience with some nice synth elements. A good production with some very plodding basslines helps to progress each track nicely and, as the album progresses, so does the competency. The introduction of IDM style rhythm and percussion of increasing proficiency, while starting slightly questionably, ultimately adds to the feel of the album, which also becomes darker and more moody with some deep and desolate sounds.
“Chapterwood” is well thought out, with some nice crescendos and a refinement to detail. This is ambient with a purpose, and would do well teaming up with the likes of Detritus and Autoclav1.1 for what would be an interesting fusion. One of those ‘lazy day albums’, with enough to keep you interested. God stuff.


— Matt Smith

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