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Jan-M. Iversen – 1.05 drone

Jan-M. Iversen - 1.05 drone

CD-R, Triple Bath, 2007

Greece in doing musically very fine lately. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of writing a review for Nokalypse’s “Ocean of Inexistence” released on the Greek Triple Bath label and for some days now I’ve been listening (over and over) to “1.05 drone” by Jan- M. Iversen, released on the same Triple Bath.
The CD has one long 1 hour 5 minute track and it is exactly what you think it is: a drone. You can ask questions about the originality of this title, but it is what it pretends to be. Though Jliat did it (i.m.h.o.) a bit more original with his “A Long Drone- Like Piece Of Music Made With Synthesizers, Samplers And Digital Delays Which Attempts In Its Minimalism To Be A Thing In Itself Without External Reference, Having An Analogue In Certain States Of Consciousness Where Being Is Experienced Also As A Thing In Itself And Not Contingent On Meaning Or Purpose”.
But let’s concentrate on this release. The enclosed biography – as with Nokalypse perfectly taken care of – starts with the words that the maker of this CD, Jan-M. Iversen – doesn’t need a recommendation. Well, this is the first time I hear of him. But he released 35 albums so far and is the man behind the TIBProd label, who released a.o. M.B., I.o.S, Aidan Baker and Conrad Schnitzler. Next to that he is connected to Origami Republika, which in total will give you a chance to place the artist, and perhaps this album.
From what I’ve understood this album is more droney then his other output, but it’s a very good piece nevertheless. The production is well done and the dynamics are good. Harsh noisey parts and intimidating pure sounds make it over an hour worth of mind-tingling sounds and waves. A great journey through mental states and corners of virtual worlds where you might have problems finding your way back.


— Bauke van der Wal

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