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InnerPartySystem – InnerPartySystem

InnerPartySystem - InnerPartySystem

CD, Island Records, 2008

InnerPartySystem is an American quartet from Pennsylvania that has just released a self-titled debut album. Singer Patrick Nissley appears to be as involved in the programming as band-mates Kris Barman and Jesse Cronan, and together with drummer Jared Piccone, they all seem to do additional vocals, which probably makes them a tight unit. They claim to be an electronic rock band, and once you hear their album you understand why.
With eleven tracks (and a hidden instrumental), “InnerPartySystem” seems to be divided in two parts: one part comprised of electronic tracks with a rock influence and another of ‘rocky’ songs with an electro finishing touch. InnerPartySystem starts the album with an ascending, pumping beat that becomes “Die Tonight Live Forever”, and frankly has dance floor filler written all over it. However, the bpm count does not keep up after the first track, but there is a good use of synths and harmonic vocals. The lyrics are quite clear, although sometimes a bit romantic, and in songs like “Everyone Is The Same” and “This Town, Your Grave”, almost emo.
Nissley’s voice becomes almost sexy in the seductive “This Empty Love” and it’s overall quite fine-tuned, probably being the most rock asset of the album. The rock/indie tracks, like “Heart Of Fire”, are not impressive, but contain some really nice synth bits, and weak tracks like “New Poetry” seem to be cleverly placed album filler. Songs like “Don’t Stop” and “Obsessive” make you enjoy the beats and raise the quality of the album in general. One thing will puzzle you (or delight you): the hidden track is a noise-like instrumental, which will make you wonder where does it fit.
As a debut, a nice album with conflicts of genre – it might work for some, as there is almost something for everyone. One question arises: Can they deliver on stage or are they a studio band?


— Rachel Anderson

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