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Igor Krutogolov – Muzika Elektronika

Igor Krutogolov - Muzika Elektronika

CD, T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!!, 2006

Released on the Israeli experimental music label T’an!_Kaven!!_Ash!!! (a subdivision of the Eastern Front label), Igor Krutogolov’s “Musika Elekronika” gives us nine tracks of harsh distorted noise, each named after a color (some of them repeated).
“Musika Elektronika” begins with the track called “Red” which gets things going with blasts of noise and sputting, distorted percussion that jumps itself around this track and seems to have fun doing so. The form of percussion used in this track is a fairly common theme for the rest of album but it’s done in such a manner that it doesn’t get boring fast.
Track four, entitled “White” takes things off in a different direction entirely being more droning and ambient than anything else encountered so far on the disc. It starts out simple but layers itself into a more complex piece of music. As it progresses bits of noise fade in and out and not until the end do they become loud and harsh enough to take you out of the mellow state that this track puts you into.
Some of the tracks such as “Black and Black” are quite reminiscent of present-day instrumental tracks by Whitehouse (which is a very good thing!) and “Musika Elektronika” certainly kept my interest more than the thousand or so Merzbow CD’s released every year. If you are a fan of the Noise and Power Electronics genres of music and looking for something new with a distinct approach, Igor Krutogolov’s “Musika Elektronika” is a good release to set your sights to.


— Charlie Martineau

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