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I/dex – Layers

I/dex - Layers

CD, Lagunamuch Community, 2010

“Layers” is a hard release for me to review. I/dex, producer Vitaly Harmash delivers an album of complex ambient that becomes a minimalist soundtrack rather than a release with distinct songs. The whole of the album would be perfect for background listening during daily life but fails to capture and captivate the listener for active listening. I’ve relistened and relistened and asked the opinions of others, which all result in the same question: “Is this all one song?” The album consists of soothing pads, vinyl crackles and simple melodies that echo and create a rich warm space. “Layers” is more or less devoid of percussion and conveys a very peaceful environment, allowing the listener to create their own imagery without direction from the musician.
All in all, the sound quality is beautiful but, due to the lack of distinct unique songs and inability to hold the listener’s attention, I have to give it a low rating. If you are looking for the perfect soundtrack to play in a chill/zen room, or to simply live to, then this is for you. If you are listening for something to catch your attention audibly, keep looking.


— James Church

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