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I Am Immune – Entropy

I Am Immune - Entropy

CDS, Line Out Records, 2008

UK band I Am Immune consists of Pete Boyd (vocals, guitars, programming) and Tim Clark (guitars, backing vocals) who are joined by Ben McLees on bass at live shows. Stylistically they combine modern retro influenced synthpop with rock guitar. Electronic purists may be turned off by mention of guitar content but on the whole it really isn’t an issue as the music is generally more electronic than rock and what is there compliments it very well. Vocally, Boyd resembles Mark Hockings of Mesh more than anyone else although there is a hint of Gary Numan in the title track.
The first of the four tracks is the title track which also includes the most obvious rock influence and heaviest guitar content on the single. Starting out in classic retro synthpop style it soon develops into an electronic meets rock workout with perhaps a bit too much guitar in this case. From “Heroic” onwards however, the mix of guitar and electronics is more balanced and works a lot better. Boyd’s vocals are clearer and the electronic elements more pronounced. “Heroic” is in fact a wonderfully constructed track with well written, catchy lyrics that are well delivered and guitar that complements the electronics very well. “Home” is more dramatic, even cinematic, slightly slower paced and the most Mesh-like (which is actually a compliment). It has a real driving almost militaristic beat and lyrically resembles the epic subject matter that Covenant tend to focus on. There is even a bit of Cure style guitar thrown in occasionally for good measure. Closing the collection of tracks is an instrumental track entitled “Flightless” which again goes down the slower paced route adding a more melancholic reflective quality throughout and even some old school Dr Who style effects at the end.
Mixing new electronics with some classic synthpop elements and adding a generous dash of rock guitar, I Am Immune offer a strong collection of tracks for their debut release. On the basis of this, their future releases should be worth looking out for.


— Paul Lloyd

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