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Ghoak – SomeAreWeird

Ghoak - SomeAreWeird

CD, This.co, 2003

“SomeAreWeird” is the debut full-length from Portuguese experimental project Ghoak and, for a debut, it is one hell of a debut. Ghoak’s music is probably best described as something that could eventually be considered as a modern music soundtrack for the Dada Movement.
“SomeAreWeird” is simple and direct but it is also confusing enough to make one think a bit about what is being played. It is also filled several kinds of “sound suprises” that can catch the listener unaware and leave one wondering ‘what is/was that?’. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ‘hard listening’ material. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. “SomeAreWeird” is very well-crafted and easy on the ear but it also has a tendency to catch your attention when you least expect it.
A more clinical description could describe “SomeAreWeird” as a montage of melodic beats and break-beats with underlying ambient melodies, merging influences of different musical styles (tribal, IDM, d’n’b, ambient, break-core and maybe even some dub…) and musical projects (Recoil, Venetian Snares and Needle Sharing come to mind…) into distinct, characteristic and definitely original soundscapes.
Tristan Tzara might have found Ghoak’s music to be very likeable.


— Miguel de Sousa

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