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FT13 – The Great Disaster

FT13 - The Great Disaster

CD, self-released, 2008

FT13 (or the musical incarnation of one ‘Sin’) is, to put it briefly, fairly decent demo-level EBM with some industrial overtones. More experimentation, particularly with vocal filtering (sadly, Sin’s singing is not quite good enough to be left untreated, but time and practice can do wonders) would raise his second independent release, “The Great Disaster”, from merely pedestrian to very acceptable quality.
In fact, as far as FT13’s musical abilities go, there is undoubtedly still something to be learned through further studio experience (having already had impressive live experience with the likes of UnterNull and Psyclon 9), but what is there already shows great potential: tight beats, good equalization, well compressed basslines… The sounds and arrangement are definitely not the problem. What does give cause for concern is the lyrical content: puerile, juvenile and uninspiring, doing its best to shock and failing dismally. Song titles like “Fuck Jesus” and lyrics along the lines of “you’re cold-blooded and full of shit, I’ve had enough, I fucking quit” do little to impress. Even on tracks like “Without You” or “Lie Constructor” which initially seem more heartfelt in content, the reaction hardly scratches the emotive surface, providing more irritation towards, rather than insight into, what drives Sin to produce music. The most impressive thing about FT13, though, is his analog approach – a rare thing within a predominantly digital era of music.
In summation – a bit heavy on the angst, a bit light on sincerity. Focusing either on a harsher, more stripped-down minimalist sound or opting for depth and technicality, rather than vacillating between the two poles, would improve the end result no end.


— David vander Merwe

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