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Disharmony – Cloned – Other Side of Evolution

Disharmony - Cloned - Other Side of Evolution

CD, Tympanik Audio, 2008

How do you usually react to the words”remix album”? With me it is general indifference as usually it doesn’t tend to get very creative, and it is usually remixed with the clubs in mind – up the beat count and the volume a bit and forget the creativity. However with “Cloned – Other Side of Evolution”, Disharmony has proven that remix albums can add a whole new lease of life to tracks, and create something entirely different in the process.
On “Cloned” you will find a really interesting selection of artists ranging from Stendeck to Sara Noxx and Flint Glass to Burzum. Burzum caught my attention from the beginning as I was a bit of a Black Metal fan in my teens, and as much as Burzum is more a black metal ambient project (at least for the first couple of albums) – it was still very much overlooked by electronic music and only really appealed to the original fanbase. The reworking of “Tuistoz Herz” is gorgeous. It takes the brooding, dark ambient original, and injects some beats, vocal touches, and makes it into a completely different beast altogether…and the same can be said for every track on this album. The aforementioned Stendeck track “Like Falling Crystals” is also a great addition to the album, a little more glitchy than the original and very chilled.
The original Disharmony tracks on here “Nautilus” and “Suspection” are excellent too; Atmospheric IDM with interesting samples and beautiful melodic flourishes – very orchestral in their own way. “Cloned” has a great balance of harmony with enough crunchy rhythms and glitches to make this release one that should be picked up by any self respecting fan of both electronica/idm and dark electro.
In all “Cloned” has given me more faith in the words “Remix album” and I look forward to hearing more original material by them.


— Kate Turgoose

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