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Destroid – Loudspeaker

Destroid - Loudspeaker

CD, Scanner, 2007

It is somewhat difficult to criticize a project involving Daniel Myer of Haujobb fame; backhanded compliments do find a home throughout this review. I’ve listened to this album over and over again and have yet to clarify my final position. Prior to the release of “Loudspeaker,” I recall feeling remarkably unmoved by preview tracks. It couldn’t touch the emotive melodic depths that comprised “Future Prophecies,” Destroid’s first full-length release back in 2004. After several runs through the full album, I can’t say that my feelings have changed much. “Bird of Prey” and “Revolution” will probably appeal to fans of bands such as VNV Nation and Assemblage 23, but overall the attempt at reaching a greater audience is slightly alienating and lyrics are simply not executed as well as the aforementioned acts. The most noteworthy tracks on this offering include “Moral,” “Mourn,” and “Let Me Leave.”
In the grand scheme of things, “Loudspeaker” is more mainstream and less experimental than its predecessor; it is good but does not approach greatness. That being said, the album is still quite listenable; my affinity seems to grow with each listen despite having to force myself over the initial letdown of it not meeting my expectations. Perhaps therein lies the problem. “Loudspeaker” would have made perfect sense if it had preceded “Future Prophecies.” The fluid progression of change would be clear and sensible. Instead this sophomore effort is such a departure that it feels somewhat predictable and dispassionate by comparison.


— Shannon Malik

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