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Defcon – Flat Black Philosophy

Defcon - Flat Black Philosophy

CD, Bit Riot, 2010

Defcon is the equivalent of multiple personality disorder, ranging from melodic waltzes to growls amidst a wall of throbbing guitar and bone crushing drums. It is the latest offering from the label Bit Riot and is the result of the eclectic talents of Brendanz, Aleks, Mode and Miles Martin.
“Flat Black Philosophy” begins and ends with ambient, standing against the wind tracks (“Radio Silence”, “HELP”) with crackling static and tremolo guitars that would fit perfectly in any apocalyptic soundtrack. The variety of styles amongst the track listing demonstrates the versatility and talent of Defcon. The songs range from simple synths and guttural vocals on “Retch in Pain”, more synth electro driven on “Last Chance”, “Exposure” and “The Communist”, to high speed thrash guitars and percussion on “Black Flame” and melodic escapes on “The Road” and “Long Walk”. Overall this is a well rounded release with something for everyone from the club kid to the metal head to the classic industrial lover. The album shows a lot of potential but distracts me a little on the muddled quality of production on a few songs – fans of Bit Riot have come to expect clear and crisp mastering and production from the bands on the label and this one falls short only in that department.
Overall this is a great new innovative addition to the metal electro genre and I’m looking forward to hearing their future releases.


— James Church

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