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Coreline – Please Keep Moving Forward

Coreline - Please Keep Moving Forward

CD, InfeKted Sound, 2006

Released by the upstart UK label InfeKted Sound, “Please Keep Moving Forward” is the debut release of Coreline, a relatively unknown English electronic musician who presents us with something over half-hour (plus remixes) of his own brand of dancefloor-oriented, relentless aural pummelling.
Intense, merciless and uncompromising are apt global description of the music in “Please Keep Moving Forward”, a dancefloor-effective album whose crystal-clear sound quality ensures that no detail will go unnoticed. And yet, when considering some tracks and the album as a whole, there is a feeling that something, some kind of driving structure or order among the driving rhythms, is missing and that, in some places, things may not be too balanced, almost random or out-of-pace with reality.
Taken as loose tracks, this music concept may be acceptable but, taken as a whole album, it would certainly benefit from a few more ‘breathers’ to allow some respite from the seeming chaos and aural pummelling. Track 6, “Rollright (far)” is a good example of what said respites could be; while it is still hard-hitting and gives the listener a beating, the string and melody elements provide a strong counter-balance by adding some variety and a sense of calm. Of the more ‘straightforward’ pieces, “Organized Sound” and “Forward Sequence” have a few quirks in the composition elements that make them stand out from the pack.
The remix tracks by Dyspraxia and Eva|3 (especially “organized sound”, which is taken to a whole new level in this remix), in addition to providing fresh twists to Coreline’s sound also hint at the talent that InfeKted Sound has in store and waiting to be unleashed.
In the end, “Please Keep Moving Forward” is a release which may appeal to a specific audience. While it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it may find adepts among those that favour intense unrelenting aural pummellings on the dancefloor, who will find this release to be ‘just what the doctor ordered’.


— Miguel de Sousa

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