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CJ Borosque + Robert M. and INSTAGON – Beautiful

CJ Borosque + Robert M. and INSTAGON - Beautiful

CD, Edgetone Records, 2008

“Beautiful” is a 3-track release by CJ Borosque + Robert M. and INSTAGON. The first two tracks being of the harsher noise strain and the last one a lot more “mellowed out” and tending toward darker-feeling ambient rather than straight-up noise.
“Beautiful” starts off with the title track, an almost 23-minute track. Beginning with a dense assault of noise, a subtle beat eventually becomes present among it all. The noise is interesting in its development and nothing like straight static, but I do think the track could be a bit shorter.
“Luggage Lost in the Dissatisfied Machine” ends up being my favorite track on this release. It ventures into dark droney territory, but the instrumentation of the INSTAGON members really shines here. There are still enough squeals and rumbling noise to keep it from completely venturing away from the earlier two tracks’ territory.
From start to finish “Beautiful” does a good job holding your attention. I personally prefer harsher tracks to be shorter, but this is because my ears are getting weak and is only a matter of personal preference.


— Charlie Martineau

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