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Celluloide – Bodypop EP

Celluloide - Bodypop EP

CD, BOREDOMproduct, 2006

Since releasing three five track demos between the 2000 and 2001 and releasing two full-length albums (“Naive Heart” in 2002 and “Words Once Said” in 2003) and one free downloadable EP (“Naphtaline virtual EP” in 2003), French artists Celluloide return with their new EP “Bodypop”. Stemming from a purely analogue driven electronic sound, the new mini-album provides a clear progression in the bands work and is an exciting taster to their new album “Passions And Excitement” which is due out later this year.
This EP really couldn’t have been given a more rewarding name. “Bodypop”, in a sense, does exactly what it says on the tin! Starting off with highly addictive track “People Like Me”, the listener is directly transported to the bands energetic mix of tuneful bouncing melodies and cold female vocals. This is highly evident in the tracks “Audio Therapy” and, for me, the stand out track “I Am Fine”. The latter mentioned should definitely (if it hasn’t already) be considered as a single. It’s through these tracks that you realise the excellent production quality, which is something that I often find that other analogue-driven Synthpop acts sometimes overlook. Another track worth a mention is “Losing Control”. Being quite a sensitive track, I thought it was well placed between the upbeat openers and the EP’s final remix of the excellent “I Am Fine”.
This is a great introduction to this year’s forthcoming album and truly a ‘must have’ for fans of analogue-driven Synthpop. I can only hope that the album can live up to what the EP has surpassed in achieving.


— Paul Marcham

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