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Cabaret – Electric Chair Song

Cabaret - Electric Chair Song

CDS, Artoffact, 2005

This is the first release from the Polish project Cabaret, a project already with some years of existence but no real releases so far.
This release starts with three versions of the title track, the “Electric Chair Song”. First among them is a single version which sounds as a nice original mixture between electro and breakbeat, a track that starts to win my favour for the whole release. With “Electric Chair Song (Electric End Of Nothing Mix)” the title track becomes a combination of new wave/synthpop and breakbeat, with the first part of song being additionally stylized to sound like an old gramophone record. “Electric Chair Song (220 Volts Of Electric Noise Mix)” continues bringing sound metamorphoses to the title track, which this time is a dance version with a well-defined straight beat which can’t nevertheless be straightforwardly cathegorized: just like the two previous versiosn, this one holds special mood and originally realized in its own way.
Next are two versions of “Dawn Mist Glowing”. The radio version presumably presents shortened version of original track. It is clear that Cabaret like to make volume vocals, by the way that vocals were presented in the previous tracks and the repetition in these. As a whole, “Dawn Mist Glowing” it’s a nice non-primitive electro track. The second version – “Dawn Mist Glowing (Ambient Dream Mix)”, results in a kind of ambient pop due to the enrichment of the track with the addition of ambient elements.
“Every Home Is Wired” is a nice new wave song track, with a leading piano sound, that for a while dilutes the electronic tracks of the single adding more musical variety to it. “Electric End”, which ends this single, is a short variation with a combination of instrumental parts and electronics.
As a whole, this single has shown Cabaret’s potential at creating original and non-standard music. If they proceed at this rate they have all the chances to become well-known on the electronic scene.


— Igor

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