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Burikusu!!! – 2080

Burikusu!!! - 2080

CD, 23DB, 2008

A lot of press has been doing the rounds regarding this Swedish duo, so my interest was roused way before this arrived through my letterbox. This is a bright, happy release, starting off with what I can only describe as computer-game-like hip hop; this immediately had my attention with beautifully cut up vocal loops sliding and slotting in over the top of skittish electronics and beats.
“Year 2080” is the next instalment and boy what a difference it is from track one, displaying a love for pure 80’s pop coming across not to dissimilar to a male version of Taylor Dayne, if you remember her. It’s infectious, and hit a sore spot for nostalgia on my part. Back to the hip hop-isms again, come track three which once more sounds like it’s filtered over a Nintendo-based backdrop, cleverly layered and structured while teasing us with a blatant love for cheesy plastic pop.
This really is an interesting release, occasionally teetering off in the direction of Richard D. James, casually warping the odd line and note throwing it off kilter, but somehow gelling it all together and then flirting unashamedly with synthpop when least expected, bordering somewhat on the ridiculous with all the pomp of Europe or even Paul Stanley. There are elements of Ultravox hidden away in certain sections of this release, but utterly ripped apart by slow, strained and warped vocal elements once again showing the wide spectrum Burikusu!!! toys with, displaying a modern flair coupled with an obsession for the past.
I am unsure of the staying power of such a release and this may be consigned to the corner of the CD cabinet where I never bother listening to it again after I have played it for a while, as a lot of this could quickly become irritating. There is no doubt about it, while I have a soft spot for this album, there is going be a hell of a lot of people out there who completely abhor this release full stop. For now however, this is fresh and new, fun and exciting. If you want cheering up, this is a sure-fire ray of sunshine.


— Tony Young

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