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Autoclav1.1 – You are my all and more

Autoclav1.1 - You are my all and more

CD, Crunch Pod, 2005

Tony Young is one the most well-known ‘activists’ from the Industrial music scene in North England. For years he has been involved in the organization of concerts and events (Sentry Music) to promote the intelligent noise music genres. His music project, Autoclav1.1, has undergone a strong mutation following his initial releases, which include “Protocol EP” (Nein Records/Diskus Fonogràfica). On stage he is aided by the excellent visuals by Owen Brown (Alternative Perspective) and has chosen a very frontal and rhythmic creative path for his sound.
His new album, the full-length “You Are My All And More”, released on the American label Crunch Pod is a success and yet, it was finished amidst the pain caused by the loss of his best friend: his cat Frank, deceased in August 2005 after our meeting at Infest UK. Listening to this new album, darker and more haunting, I told myself that Tony finally reached his goal: to mix breakbeats, symphonic ambiances and rhythm’n’noise on a single album. The production is clean and better achieved than on “Protocol EP”, probably due to the mastering skills of Scrape[dx] which gave more width to Autoclav1.1’s sound.
The remixes by Iszoloscope and Pneumatic Detach are terrific with their layers of cosmic synths and breaks taken from the hardest forms of drum’n’bass.
This young man deserves to join the halls of greatness. Congratulations, Tony, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.


— Pedro Peñas y Robles

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