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Android Lust – The Dividing

Android Lust - The Dividing

Enhanced CD, Projekt, 2003

Following “Resolution” and the “Evolution” EP, heralded by the critically acclaimed single “The Want”, “The Dividing” is Android Lust’s much awaited second full-length album. This album is a big step in the evolution of Android Lust’s sound, presenting a departure of sorts from the ‘usual’ electro-industrial sound towards something more complex, melodic and subtle but far stronger than before.
One is almost at a loss of words to criticize this brilliant piece of electronic musical creation. In addition to the remarkable music and lyrics, there are also Shikhee’s excellent and unforgettable vocals which are perhaps most important aspect of the Android Lust sound. Shikhee’s voice is a haunting one: enraged, alone, pulsating and all-encompassing. Taking the listener on a on a disturbing voyage to the deep essence of the human mind, the songs of “The Dividing” leave a strong and lasting impression after being listened to. An album to be heard at any time, in any place, alone or in company, it is so intense that it totally shapes the environment in which it is played.
In addition to the ‘normal’ audio tracks there is a data track which can be run as a CD-ROM in which are the lyrics to the songs along with some extras like photos, etc. There is also a ‘hidden track’, “Burnt” which is present in the data section in MP3 and Quicktime format.


— P.T. & Miguel de Sousa

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