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Ambiguous – Stone Cross

Ambiguous - Stone Cross

CD, Aliens Productions, 2010

As I play the first moody piece of this Slovakian dark ambient act it feels like I’m being pulled into an immensely deep hole in the ground. Everywhere around, sounds arise and fall away in the reverb-drenched atmosphere. There is a feeling of hopelessness that runs as a thread through the album. A sense that nothing can be done to change the tides. We can only ride along. Only glance from a distance. Never reach out. Never interact.
The best way to undergo this process is to just give in and let the album do its magic on its own terms. Like almost all dark ambient albums it’s important to allow the cold and bleak soundscapes play out and surround you. All of the pieces blend into each other to form a doom-filled narrative. Most of the sounds are abstract and metallic, pulsating through layers of delays. Every now and then, classical influences come into play and fade away once more into the drones that dominate this release.
Near the end of the album there appear some shards of light through the black curtains. “The Hopeles Life” is actually quite epic and more pad-driven compared to most of the other tracks. It brings a conclusion that shimmers through to the end. Really enjoyable… if you take the time for it.


— Tijs Ham

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