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Alaska Highway – Attitudes of a Difficult Mind

Alaska Highway - Attitudes of a Difficult Mind

CD,Negative Gain, 2003

Alaska Highway’s debut album, “Attitudes of a Difficult Mind”, contains a myriad of crafty influences from goth-pop and industrial acts young and old. These add to the flavor of the music a sense of restrained aggression belied by the synthpop-ish intonations courtesy of Moose and Anthony.
Intelligent use of sampling and veteran-like mixing coupled with emotionally charged, appropriately keyed lyrics/vocals blend seamlessly into a professional quality studio album. To this author’s ear, Alaska Highway’s sound could be a mix between Nitzer Ebb and Iris, coming off with darkish music and lighter vocals… If one were so inclined to draw a comparison between the two.
Attitudes is quite a good album and is definitely worth picking up considering the substantial amount of high quality/enjoyable tracks it contains (“Weep with me”, “Lust for your Body”, “Deceiver”, “Fatal Resistance”, etc!). Final score: nine out of ten habenero peppers. Kudos on the debut, Alaska Highway.


— Ethan Cohen

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