Various Artists – You Are Here: a Compilation of Massachusetts Electronics (vol.2)

Various - 'You Are Here: a Compilation of Massachusetts Electronics (vol.1)'


01. Vers – Tiana
02. Hansel – Fate Weilder
03. Ground To Dust – Hanging On (Tooth & Nail Mix)
04. Bereft – Victim 08/no Choice
05. Out Out – S.Y.O.
06 Ukuphambana – Age of Reason
07. November 14 – Track #6
08. Synnack – 0fa6862a49aa75f2cac6342697dcd967 (MD5)
09. mindFIELD – Redefine
10. Karlheinz – PACKING

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“Tiana” written and recorded live at the Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA in 2007 by Vers; www.timetoneproductions.com/vers
“Fate Wielder” written, performed and produced by Alan Fux (Hansel); previously unreleased; www.hansel.org; www.dtrashrecords.com
“Hanging On (Tooth & Nail Mix)” written by Patrick Brooks in Sept 2008; www.myspace.com/groundtodust
“Victim 08/no Choice” by Bereft (Peter Lee/Andrew Grant); www.myspace.com/bereft73, info@forceofnature.cc
“S.Y.O.” written, produced, programmed and performed by Mark Alan Miller (with JJ O’Connell on live drums and Mark Schwaber on lead guitar); recorded at Slaughterhouse Recording Studio; outout.radio-valkyrie.com, www.myspace.com/outout, www.cdbaby.com/all/outout
“Age of Reason” assembled in 2007 at Gritware Studios by Chris Castiglione;
www.ukuphambana.com, myspace.com/ukuphambana
“Track #6” produced by November 14 on 10/01/08; www.central-industrial.org, myspace.com/novemberfourteen
“0fa6862a49aa75f2cac6342697dcd967 (MD5)” written and produced by Synnack (Clint Sand and Jeff Ito); courtesy of Synnack and Force of Nature; exclusive track written while on a train between MA and NY in September 2008 in memorial of Don James Audibert, Sr. who died instantly on September 26th 2008 after being struck, head-on, while riding his motorcycle – thank you for helping us Don, RIP. www.synnack.com, www.forceofnature.cc
“Redefine” written by Gabriel Shaw (c)&(p) 2006; www.mindFIELD.org, www.myspace.com/mindfieldebm
“PACKING” all noises by Karlheinz, lyrics taken from posts by Pat Rubbish on the Noisfanatics forum and assembled by Karlheinz; www.khznoise.net/karlheinz, www.roilnoise.com/rubbish.htm, www.noisefanatics.com

Compiled by David Dodson (alias Deftly-D of Voidstar Productions) for Connexion Bizarre in September 2008. RMS leveling by Mark Alan Miller.
Special thanks to Bill T Miller and Mark Alan Miller for going above and beyond the call.
Released October 2008. Artwork by M.

Creative Commons License
“You Are Here: a Compilation of Massachusetts Electronics (vol.2)” by Vers, Hansel,
Ground To Dust, Bereft, Out Out, Ukuphambana, November 14, Synnack, mindFIELD,
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“You Are Here: a compilation of Massachusets electronics (vol.2)” is NCB006

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