Soiled – Slothmotion

Soiled - Slothmotion


01. Escape from Eglwyswrw
02. Paralleled world of common sense
03. Click this maybe
04. Hynagogia jump start
05. Aisle 13 Apathy Riot
06. Drifting in and out of leonards orbit
07. It was a long way home in 1988
08. Bolt hole for Dr landy
09. Timeblister (going backwards)

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About the artist

“I can’t carry off pretentious seriousness arty very well. Especially with teeth for radio and way past my sell by date. I ain’t wrong music or right music. Or classed as pure electronica or analogue.”
– Marcus H

Compostions have found their way onto the late great Mixing It, BBC Freakzone, Sega. KALX Radio in Berkeley California have a fondness for the Soiled sound plus other shows around the World.

“He processes old TV samples and gnarly Grunge loops, and sounds like he’s prepared to get his fingernails grubby in the process. Synths fly about the mix like bluebottles, and there is a general air of ambient terrain subject to heavy showers of old junk. All quite refreshing really, in its reversion to long neglected tactics.”
– David Stubbs in Wire magazine

“You could say it’s dark but dancy electronica or you could go for light hearted experimental industrial. Soiled is inhabiting that difficult to pin down area and making it his own.”
Tasty Fanzine

“If you like your musicians, young, into pretty retro bunnymen guitars forget it. He’s the electronic experimental equivalent of SEASICK STEVE, only slightly younger”
– Alan Pooley

About this release

Third proper album by Soiled aka Marcus H. You cannot define him as purely electronic as he uses non sequenced analogue sounds to compliment the electronica noises.


“Soiled is Markus H. project since 2006. It has issued, all on Elm Lodge Records, two packs of ‘mp3 releases’, and a first full-length album entitled “Shambolic Psychotic” on 2007. In 2009, “Slothmotion” album was meant to be issued under the same label, but finally, it has been issued. The style of Soiled seems to be quite varied, difficult to define, integrating many different inflences. Some define it as something ranging from dark ambient, electro, experimental, to darkwave, others points the electronica and electroacoustic features, others speak about noise and industrial… It’s quite confusing, anyway, and it speaks a lot against taking too seriously the matters of style labelling. Clearly, Shambolic Psychotic was more illbient and breakbeat. Here, we won’t find these features, but a focus rather on atmospheres and sounds, making this record certainly more accessible, yet not less subtle.
The bass layer mostly consists in fat distorted low synths (07), more or less echoed (03), usually quite raw (f.i. 01). Upper layers’ synths have some sounds like string-like ensemble (02), guitars (02), piano/ (04), brass-like ones (05), electr(on)ic sounds, little gratings (01), space-probe-calls (02), ‘miaowing synths’ (03), or smoothed saw-like sounds (05), and others difficult to decribe. Generally, these sounds are quite original, rich, complex, changing. They are very efficient in the setting of a specific atmosphere (e.g. 05, 07).
As for the more acoustic “seemingly sampled” sounds, drums’ cymbals sounds are a bit too realistic, too raw, so that it is difficult to really be convinced they’re suitable here (01). It’s a bit the same thing with some drums rhythm looped (05), or some electronic/techno├»d rhythmics (in the beginning of 06), apart from the fact it’s not disturbing at all and we note other beats are perfectly suitable (e.g. those following on 06). But, we note guitar notes, on the contrary, are really adapted (02) and finally build a very coherent whole without much boundary between purely electronic and others acoustic-originated sounds.
Contrasts between the low bass-like sounds and the higher pitched synths notes is really big, as well as the texture of sounds, between rawer bass and smooth melodious notes. The sonic space is really well used, in terms of frequencies. We find very low bass, but less high-pitched sounds, which makes the music less aggressive. Globally, elements are well mixed together. Sound is subtly manipulated: with stereo, variations of loudness (e.g. 02), of pitch (04), crushed (08), stretched (07), looped (02), and many others… But, let’s precise, it’s never too much and is perfectly integrated in the continuity of the music. There aren’t effects breaking the rhythm or else.
Structure features a slow evolution (01), throughout ambient introductory parts, introduction of rhythmic elements, calmer breaks in the rhythm and progressive coming back of the whole music, with some sounds modified (03). It is repetitive, but often in a subtle different way, so that listeners truly won’t get bored.
We notice the 4th track, “hypnagogia jump start”, doesn’t have a real rhythm, although some rhythmical elements are present, as just some metronomic noise, as well as somehow chaotic deep bass patterns (04). As another more ambient track, the last ones follows the same principle (08).
Very globally, in terms of styles, “Slothmotion” is suitable for people who like rather eclectic music, ranging from electroacoustic to electronica, with clear experimental sides and varied atmospheres. But, as we told, this music is a mixture of many styles and influences, which doesn’t let it reduced to any style. The point that should be highlighted is that this album is a very coherent, achieved and balanced whole.
While from only one listening the seductive abilities of this music will be revealed, several listenings will truly unveil all its fineries, as well as catchy tunes and sensitive ambient parts. Thus the few critiques we could emit won’t be really relevant when listening to the album.
The advantage of such a release is that it can be equally appreciated both by those searching for a quality sonic experimentation, and those attracted by the beauty of atmospheres, whatever the favourite style.”

Heathen Harvest


Written and produced by Marcus H a.k.a. Soiled (www.myspace.com/soileddirtybeats)
Front/back photo by Marcus H, inside photo by Chris Betram. Layout by Marcus H.
Mastered by Cdrik with additional mastering by Alan Pooley

All material is © Marcus H 2010. All Rights Reserved

“Slothmotion” is NCB015

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