Free releases

This week the spotlight falls squarely on the UK label Love Love Records, purveyors of fine vitriolic, insane & stompy electronics for all your party needs:

The Abominable Mr. Tinkler “The Duff E.P.”
Bangalore Torpedos “Little Bispham”
Beatwife “Ritilin E.P.”
Doc Colibri “Po…pô…Popp! E.P.”
Eraserhead vs Gizmode “I Piss On Your Rave E.P.”
Judith Priest “Mass”
Missqulater “All Things Considered L.P.”
Raxyor “Adamantite Harvest E.P.”
weyheyhey!! “Harlott”
Various “Love Core”

You can also go check out Cock Rock Disco for even more madness…

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