Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda‘s latest running glitch/noise concept performance piece, “Datamatics” was included in one of the sessions of the London performance art SPILL Festival. People in Geneva on April 22nd should make an effort to attend another performance of this amazing artist at the Electron Festival

Fear Drop is a long-running French music magazine, nowadays also published online, which also doubles as a record label unde the Fario desgination.

A database of bands and the gear they use, Alternative Electronics can be an interesting resource for budding musicians and pros alike as well as other gear fetishists.

For those willing to travel to somewhat uncommon destinations in search for kicks, the Beirut-based Acousmatik System seems to be pretty active in organizing some kick-ass dubstep events and will be hosting one of the Ad Noiseam 10th anniversary parties.

“Chernobyl Legacy”, a photo essay by Paul Fusco of Magnum Photos

— linke recommendations by Kate Turgoose, Miguel de Sousa, Bauke van der Wal

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