Une Jardin Carnivor

Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Der Blaue Reiter – Underworld Dreams
[Le Paradise Funèbre, L’Envers Du Tristesse – Caustic Records]
Natacha Atlas – Leysh Nat’Arak
[Diaspora – Rough Trade Germany]
Faun – Rani
[Zaubersprüche – Curzweyhl]
Death In June – Burn Again
[Brown Book – New European Recordings]
Division S – Blue Canary
[Something To Drink – Old Europa Cafe]
Kirlian Camera – Austria
[Eclipse (Das Schwarze Denkmal) – Discordia]
Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves
[Soft Skin – Black Leather Gloves (single) – self-released]
Miss Kittin And The Hacker – 1000 Dreams
[Two – Nobody’s Bizzness ]
The Present Moment – Baby Doll
[Untitled – Disaro]
LAKE R▲DIO – кулинария
[The Weather – self-released]
Die Form – Chains Of Love
[Corpus Delicti – Parade Amoureuse]
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult – Death Threat
[Death Threat – SleazeBox Records]
Isis Signum – The Heat Is Moving
[Electro Sensual – Advanced Synergy]

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— music selection & mixing by :JW:

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