Program 20081201-1207

Part 1
(“Invisible War @ Connexion Bizarre (November)” with music selection by Invisible War)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Bocksholm – Radicon
[Excursions By The Bank Of The Black River – Tesco Organisation]
Pine Tree State Mind Control – Acetic Pepsid
[Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy – Voidstar Productions]
Operation Cleansweep – Japan
[Operation Cleansweep/Inade/Anenzephalia Split – Teito Sound Company]
cEvin Key – Metamorphosis (Theme From The Trial)
[The Dragon Experience – Metropolis]
Ulver – Proverbs Of Hell, Plates 7-10
[The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell – Jester Records]
Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra – Movement The Third
[Lucifer Rising – White Dog Music]
OM – Pilgrimage
[Pilgrimage – Southern Lord]
Boris – My Neighbor Satan
[Smile – Southern Lord]
Misao Senbongi – Ganado I
[Biohazard 4 Original Soundtrack – Suleputer]
Mogwai – Radar Maker
[Young Team – Jetset Records]

Part 2
(“December Paradigm Shifting” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Welle:Erdball – 0173/1923954
[Ich bin aus Plastik! – Synthetik Symphony]
Ganymede – Operation Ganymede
[Operation Ganymede – Cohaagen]
Action Nano – We Are Back
[Select And Start – M-tronic]
:papercutz – Ultravioleta
[Ultravioleta Rmxs – Apegenine Records]
Noises Of Russia – Solitude In Society (Enjoy The Silence)
[V/A – Rush For A Black Celebration (Russian Industrial Tribute to Depeche Mode) – Kult-Front]
Vromb – Les Débris de l’Appareil
[Le Pêcheur de Noyés – Spectre]
Aklihiro Yokotani – i know everyone hate me
[V/A – Electr-Ohm Compilation 2 – Eletr-Ohm]
Le Diktat – Fuck All Computers
[Unabomber – Audiotrauma]
Manufactura – 4:00 am (Summoning Secret Earth mix)
[Psychogenic Fugue – Crunch Pod]
Suicide Inside – Dance In Emptiness
[Dead Red – Pflichtkauf]
Maschinenkrieger KR 52 vs. Disraptor – Plug In
[V/A – 2009 Hands – Hands Productions]

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