Program 20080303-0309

Part 1
(“Elli Hip-Hop” with music selection by DJ Fork Surgery)
Mad EP – Dweller
[Eating Movies – Ad Noiseam]
Amon Tobin – Esther’s
[The Foley Room – Ninja Tune]
Aesop Rock – None shall pass
[None Shall Pass – Def Jux]
Modeselektor – 2000007
[Happy Birthday – BPitch Control]
PuppetMastaz – Pet Sound
[Creature Funk – New Noise]
Saul Williams – List of demands
[Saul Williams – Fader Label]
Antipop Consortium – Laundry
[Tragic Epilogue – 75 Ark Records]
The X-ecutioners Feat. Anikke – Like this
[Revolutions – Sony]
Mothboy – X in his territory
[The Fears – Ad Noiseam]
Ra – Dr Murkewerkdichliebe
[Wxfdswxc2 – Sublight Records]
lapsed + Nonnon – Z crazy eyes
[The Death of Convenience – Ad Noiseam]
Silk Saw – Ratchet Mechanism
[4th Dividers – Ant-Zen]
P.A.L. – Jobs
[Modus – Ant-Zen]
Dälek – Eyes to form shadows
[Absence – Ipecac]

Part 2
(“Existential TATA Box” with music selection by M.)
Quench – Ration Creed
[Fanion – Lovethechaos]
Autoclav1.1 – Small Days (broken by DJ Hidden)
[Broken Beats For Broken Hearts – Hive Recrods]
Somatic Responses – Cut Up Musick
[Digital Darkness – Hymen Records]
Totakeke – Show Me Faith
[eLekatota (the other side of the tracks) – Tympanik Audio]
Xanopticon – Mehtunic
[V/A – Circuits Of Steel – SSS Records]
Chaos Condensed – Humus
[Ciertos Animales De Costumbres Discretas – Caustic Records]
E.S.A. – Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition
[How Pure Would Your Utopia Be? – Hive Records]
Tzolk’in – Kumk’u
[Haab’ – Ant-Zen]
Kadaver – Bukkake Zombie
[Some Animals Are Equal – T’an! K’aven!! Ash!!!]
Config.Sys – Himmelstürmer (Synapscape mix)
[Back and Forth – Pflichtkauf]
H.I.V.+ – Heretic Waves
[We Are All Haunted Houses – Caustic Records]

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