Program 20040907-0913

Part 1
(music selection by Drama)
Infected Mushroom – Psycho
Darko Soho – The Fusion
Goa Trance Psychedelic 2 – Mantra Sitar
Dead Can Dance – Paul Oakenfold (The Host of Seraphim Trance Mix)
Astral Projection – Ambient Galaxy

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
FireSTARter – Cute Invasion
[web release]
Cursor Miner – Library
[Library – Lo Recordings]
L’Église du Mouvement Péristaltique Inversé – Therapie par la danse pour enfants souffrant de problemes psychomoteurs
[L’Église du Mouvement Péristaltique Inversé – Brume Records]
Duncan Avoid – Systemic Ressentiment
[Metaphysics – Hive Records]
Headcrash – Freedom
[Direction of Correctness]
Alaska Highway – Darkness in my Eyes
[v/a – IndustrialnatioN Sound Sampler vol.02 – IndustrialnatioN]
Pow[d]er Pussy – sunshine + cryogenicpussylover
[Six Ways from Sunday – Pflichtkauf]
[Grendel] – Kurtz
[Prescription:Medicine – Noitekk]
Grismannen – Psychedelic Rectoscope
[The manifold of Peter Andersson – Cold Meat Industry]

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