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Wrong Music Japan Compilation 2011

The nice people at Wrong Music also put up a music compilation to raise funds for the victims of the Sendai disaster:

The situation in Japan is unbelievably desperate. Here at Wrong Music there isn’t much we can do to help in practical terms, but we can make a horrible noise. This compilation collects 19 exclusive tracks by Wrong Music artists and friends and represents an attempt to raise some money for the Red Cross.

Due to the speedy nature of how this album came together (and not wanting to divert funds from this release to a third party distribution company) the album is set as a free download, with a donate button below (this also means that the funds get straight to where their needed and don’t sit in a bank account / paypal account). However! We implore you not to download it or share it without making a contribution to the Red Cross Japan Appeal

also, for some insane reason Soundcloud won’t let this be downloadable as a set (arrrgh) so heres a direct download link

Wrong Music Japan Compilation 2011 by wrongmusicjapan

Full details over at the Wrong Music site.

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