Connexion Bizarre event flyers (2008)


Flyers for the monthy synth/electropop night at ‘Era Uma Vez No Porto…’ bar in Porto, Portugal. As the title may sugest, the music choices revolve around various forms of electronic pop: synthpop, electropop, idm-pop, robopop, porn-pop and bodypop.
Bodypop 2008-01-06
Bodypop 2006-02-16
Bodypop 2006-03-15
Bodypop 2006-04-19
Bodypop 2006-05-17
Bodypop 2006-06-21
Bodypop 2006-07-29
Bodypop 2006-09-20
Bodypop 2006-10-18


Various one-shot events which, for the most part, took place at ‘Era Uma Vez No Porto…’ bar. Music choices varied, depending on the nature of the event, from breakbeats and IDM to ambient and experimental, through abstract-hop, chillout, d’n’b, industrial and others.
In Transit
ps & One Man Nation @ Casa Viva

— all artwork copyright Connexion Bizarre 2008; except where otherwise noted, all photos & design by M.

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